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 The LIFT Project: Young Adult Christian Ministry Members Central NJ

Whether you're a freshman in college or on the verge of the big 3-0, we all know growing up comes with its challenges. At The LIFT Project, sharing experiences and aspirations are some of the ways we support each others' personal journeys. We definitely don't have all the answers nor do we pretend to have everything figured out. However, we believe with God's guidance, strength and love we can find joy and purpose in all situations. Even with the uncertainties of the future, we can figure it out together and have fun along the way.

We meet once a month on Mondays @ 7pm while hosting other signature events. Check our calendar for key dates.




Join us for another Workout With A Purpose, where you donate to a cause and workout for FREE. This month we will be holding a supply drive for Blessing Bag Brigade. Their mission is to help the homeless find a little comfort by collecting bags that provide basic essential needs. 

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Couldn't Make It To LIFT?

Wish you could've made it! But don't worry we've got you covered. We have recaps and notes from our fellowships and events.