The Simple Gospel


Inspired by the concept that God is the best spotter you can have in the gym of life; we seek to inspire and provoke change within and around us. Through a diverse core team and different outlets, we intend to share God’s love in different- yet relatable ways. Based in central New Jersey, we provide a welcoming space for those open to a different perspective on what it means to have faith and to follow Jesus. LIFT is a reminder to everyone that no matter what you go through you are not alone.

God has your back and so do we.

We meet on Sundays at 12:30pm and monthly at:

95 Cambridge Drive

Aberdeen Township, NJ 07747



The LIFT Project is led by Nicholas Bowden. He is married to his wife Emily and they currently reside in Hazlet, NJ. He currently serves at Breakthrough Church and is on the lead team for A.LIFE, a college ministry that meets on Rutgers Campus. Nick is passionate about spending time with friends, playing sports, visiting new places and creating art. His vision is to build community among people from all different walks of life and to help show them how to follow Jesus.

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