Activated & Unashamed

Activated & Unashamed

The cool thing to do may not be to talk about Jesus, pray out loud, pray over people in public – not to mention speaking about the Holy Spirit. But as Christians, new and old, the thought of doing all of these should excite us. The very essence of the Holy Spirit emboldens us to activate its power within us and share the Good News- unashamed. The Holy Spirit within us empowers us to take action and do what may seem impossible come what may.

Recently, I’ve been reading about the early church in Acts and one story got me thinking. The one where Peter performed his first documented miracle outside of a synagogue. As hundreds of people passed by on their way to prayer, Peter healed a crippled beggar.

What stuck out to me:


It had been some time since the Holy Spirit had come upon them, since they felt that great power come over them… yet Peter didn't doubt, he didn't stop to question it. He didn't feel the need to stop and activate anything to heal the crippled beggar. He knew the spirit was in him because Jesus told him. Jesus said, “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses…” (Acts 1:8) Peter trusted the promise that was made to him – all he had to do was ACT. How often are we afraid to act in our faith but we stop because of insecurity or fear of what will be said about us?

The Crowd

This miracle is also important because Peter performed it on his way to the synagogue for the afternoon prayer. That would have been one of the busiest times of the day in that area and Peter was able to use that to his advantage so that many many people would see the miracle that occurred in Jesus name. We mustn't be afraid of performing the miracles God has called us to do in front of people - in fact we should do as Peter did and take those as opportunities to perform them so that many will see the work being done in Jesus name through the Holy Spirit.

Unashamed & At Any Cost

Then that miracle gets him and John arrested. The next day when the council came together to discuss this issue they agreed that they could not deny the miracle occurred – the proof was there! But they didn't want the word to continue spreading so they tell Peter and John to stop speaking about Jesus and doing miracles in His name. Peter & John replied that regardless of what the sadducees THINK is right in the eyes of God- Peter and John would not and could not keep quiet about what they had seen and heard. Now that is bold! Despite the outcome, they did not back down and agree to silence.

My hope is that we are all encouraged to witness for God in our every day lives. The Holy Spirit is already within all of us believers. So take that step...miracles are waiting to happen.

Michelle Perez graduated from Florida Institute of Technology and owns Michelle Perez Events, an event planning and design company.  She enjoys crafting, reading, traveling and helping others in need or celebrating special lifetime moments.