Chasing Purpose

We are proud to feature a collection of poetry that engages with themes of love & faith. All written by the talented Besi Henriquez.


I am an artist, Painting words on the canvas of life.

My hope is to inspire you, As I praise Him with the words that I write.

Love Always,

~ B. Marisol

He loves me, 

More than I could ever love myself.

In my time of need,

He's been by my side,

Especially when I couldn't trust anyone else.

When I felt defeated,

He reminded me the situation was only a test,                

To increase resilience,

Build my character and to prove my strength.

When I was hurting,

He healed my heart with such gentle care.

And when I felt so lonely,

He promised me to guide and protect me,                  

To always be there.

I trust Him with my life and everything I got.

I'm so grateful You live within me,

Thanks so much God.

It's the greatest love I've ever known..

As long as he's by my side,

I know I'll never be alone

~ B. Marisol 🎈 ✨

             "The Greatest Love..."

He chose me. 

When He removed me from that environment,

He chose me.

When He proved time and time again,

That on His love I can depend,

I know He chose me.

He showed me,

How much He loves me.

He taught me,

That sometimes things will not occur as I have planned.

But He said not to worry,

Place the burden on His hands.

So I trust Him.

Because I know He will never steer me wrong.

And He gave me wisdom to understand that growth happens during the storm.

So I gave my heart to Him,

And I believe He has led me to you.

Because if you're reading this,

He wants you to know he chose you too.

Just listen to the still voice within.

Do you hear God knocking?

Will you let Him in.

Because he chose you,

When He removed you from that environment.

He chose you.

When He proved time and time again,

That on His love you can depend,

You know He chose you.

He loves you, and He has forgiven all your sins.

Don't keep Him waiting.

Open your heart and let Him in.

~ B. Marisol 🎈 ✨

             "The Chosen One..."

She looks in the mirror,

But still doesn't see.

The beauty and strength within her,

Radiating so delicately.

Like a precious flower, waiting to bloom.

Not realizing she was created for purpose,

Before she entered the womb.

Her eyes gleam of hope and compassionate care,

I pray she recognizes the beautiful qualities that are already there.

A heart so kind, so full of love,

That despite the pain,

She still praises the Sovereign God above.

Her smile is so bright,

It can light the darkest days.

A laugh so contagious,

I pray she stays that way.

She looks in the mirror and finally starts to see,

That the strong woman staring back at her,

...She is Me

~ B. Marisol 🎈 ✨

             "She is You..."

She said,

I believe God has a special man,

That was especially created for me.

I am anointed to love him in a way no one else can.

And He will present us when we're ready to meet.

~ B. Marisol 🎈 ✨

             "Divine Love..."

Dear Father,

The more I evolve in your love,

The more I learn to love myself.

Thank you for loving Me.

~ B. Marisol 🎈 ✨


She said,

The difference between them and me,

Is that I am not afraid to admit that I've gotten to a point,

Where I have been down on my knees,

Begging God please...

Save me. Heal me. Restore me.

Make me whole again.

Free me from the chains that bind me to this pain..

Give me the courage to create change,

And the strength to open up again.

Because I've been broken,

I've felt hopeless,

But I've been smart enough to turn that pain into focus.

To make me better,

To prioritize my endeavors,

And achieve my goals.

Because at the end of the day,

That's the only thing I choose to control.

So as I strategize and work on my dreams,

I pray you recognize that pain isn't always what it seems.

Use it as fuel to elevate you to the next level,

As you build your character in the process.

Your outcome will be successful,

If you choose to turn your pain into progress.

~ B. Marisol 🎈 ✨


Besi Henriquez, also known as ~ B. Marisol(@_b.marisol), is a contemporary poet who uses words to metaphorically illustrate life from different perspectives.  She is an alumni and former Professor of Seton Hall University and currently works for a pharmaceutical company in Long Island, NY.  She has a passion for fitness, reading, writing, traveling and creating everlasting memories.