As Sure as Day & Night
As sure as day and night, God's promises hold true. The LIFT Project

A couple of weeks ago I "stumbled" on a chapter in the book of Jeremiah and was completely surprised at how a story from a thousands of years ago can be applied today. At church I shared what I learned as a devotional and felt I had to share it with as many people as possible. So here goes..

For this is what the Lord, the God of Israel, says about the houses in this city and the royal palaces of Judah that have been torn down to be used against the siege ramps and the sword in the fight with the Babylonians: ‘They will be filled with the dead bodies of the people I will slay in my anger and wrath. I will hide my face from this city because of it’s wickedness. Nevertheless, I will bring health and healing to it; I will heal my people and will let them enjoy abundant peace and security. I will bring Judah and Israel back from captivity and will rebuild them as they were before.
— Jeremiah 33:4-7

God promised complete restoration to something that was torn down, used for war, filled with dead things he slayed, wicked and in captivity. DESPITE all of those terrible qualities He wanted to and promised to restore it. It's crazy to put this in perspective because I doubt that I would ever want to restore something so far gone. Lucky for us that God isn't like me, huh?

How awesome is GOD? That he would want to save a place like that. As I'm reading this passage it's like I heard the Lord ask me- does this sound familiar Michelle? Yea- it did sound familiar. So many of us think that we are not deserving of His love and salvation because of our sins and rebellion. Yet, the greatest love story of all time proves that we are never too far gone and that the ultimate price was already paid. It made perfect sense- what God was telling Jeremiah was a foreshadowing of what was to come. That God would send Jesus to a fallen and broken place and give it complete restoration DESPITE how bad things had gotten and how sinful it was. 

I did a little dance - excited to understand this story on a deeper level. Little did I know - the Lord wasn't through with me yet. 

This is what the Lord says: ‘If you can break my covenant with the night, so that day and night no longer come at their appointed time, then my covenant with David my servant—and my covenant with the Levites who are priests ministering before me — can be broken...
— Jeremiah 33:20-21

God makes sure to cover all the bases in His word. He knew that we would doubt his promises to us. He knew things would get so hard we would wonder if He was real and still on the throne. But has the day or night ever ceased to occur? Those nights we toss and turned and got no sleep. Those nights your pillow was soaked with tears. Did the sun not pierce through your window and overcome the darkness? Or those days you labored in the hot sun growing tired and feeling overworked at trying to fix it all. Did the sun not set and the coolness of the night not bring you comfort?

This is how I know the Bible is still relevant! Thousands of years later His covenant holds true. Both Day and Night keep on coming- at their appointed time. Why do we doubt any of His promises?

Have you noticed that these people are saying, ‘The Lord has rejected the two kingdoms he chose? So they despise my people and no longer regard them as a nation. This is what the Lord says: ‘If I have not made my covenant with day and night and established the laws of heaven and earth, then I will reject the descendents of Jacob and David.’
— Jeremiah 33:24-26

That is a conditional statement, one part is only true if the other is also true. In other words, no matter what anyone says-the only way He would reject us - His people, would be if His covenant with the Day and Night didn't exist.  Clearly we know it does exist because every day since the beginning of time there has ALWAYS been day and night.

No one, no thing has broken that covenant - God's promise to us. So if you ever doubt whether God exists or whether Jesus is who He says he is and still sits on the throne and therefore WILL RESTORE YOU- simply wait a few hours and watch his promise in action. 

Remember I said He wasn't through with me yet? Well when I got to the end of the chapter after reading it a few times in the span of a couple days- it hit me like a ton of bricks. I am Judah. I was meant to be a royal palace filled with riches and abundance but instead I was torn, used, filled with dead things and sins of rebellion.

Nevertheless or in spite of ALL that! God loves me (and you) and gave me (and you) complete restoration through his Son Jesus Christ. Because of Him I am healed, healthy, abundant in joy, peace and security and freed from captivity. 


Michelle Perez graduated from Florida Institute of Technology and owns Michelle Perez Events, an event planning and design company.  She enjoys crafting, reading, traveling and helping others in need or celebrating special lifetime moments.