The Simple Gospel
The LIFT Project: Young Adult Christian Ministry Facts

Who We Are

LIFT is a young adult Christian ministry & organization. We host monthly events and strive to inspire daily.

All our welcome.


We try to make sense out of adulting, by breaking down themes in the Bible and applying them to our daily lives. Through Bible studies and fun recreational activities our goal is to share the love of God. We seek to connect with young adults to inspire and evoke change within and around us. We also want to create a welcoming outlet for those who don’t share our faith but are open to learn what it means to follow Jesus.

What Does LIFT Even Mean?

Inspired by the concept that God is the best spotter in the gym of life. LIFTING is allowing God to take control of the things we can’t. From our biggest dreams and passions to the simple routines in our daily lives, God wants to be the center of it all. To LIFT is to change your perspective and realize that no matter what you’re going through God has your back and so do we.

Do I Have To Be A Christian To Come?

Absolutely not. LIFT members are from different faiths, denominations, churches, and all walks of life. We encourage open discussions and perspectives as we are all here to seek our purpose and growth. Making new friends and having fun along the way.

Are We A Church?

Even though we have monthly events held in a church we ourselves are not one. Our home church is Breakthrough Church (Non-Denominational) located @ 95 Cambridge Drive Aberdeen, NJ. All are welcome to fellowship and visit us on Sundays @ 12:30 pm!