Your Story


When we read the story of David & Goliath we have a natural habit of imagining ourselves as David and inserting Goliath as the adversity we are going through (career, relationships, finance, etc..). If we dig deeper we’re not always the David of the story. First off, Sometimes (more than we like to admit ) we are our own Goliath standing in the way. There are times we have to defeat our own personal fears, pride, doubts, and pain to grab hold of the victory we seek. There is also a third party we often forget in this story: The Israelites. What if we put ourselves in the roles of the Israelites standing on the sidelines and we put Jesus in the role of David? What if we allow God to be the main character of our story and watch him to deliver us from the grips of the enemy? Yes, we all want to be David; the brave shepherd boy with the sling shot who overcomes adversity. But what happens if or when our stones miss and our enemy gets back up? What do we do when our own will-power, self discipline or physical strength isn’t enough to overcome? We become bitter, resentful and start to blame ourselves and the issues around us. But when we humble ourselves and allow our Savior to step in as David to LIFT us up we know we will ALWAYS have the victory. Yes, God is always with us in battle, but there are times he says to us “Champ stay right here and rest, I'll take it from here”.

Nicholas Bowden (@nickworldtour) is Co-Founder and leader of The LIFT Project. He Graduated from Seton Hall University and is a teacher in Central New Jersey.  He enjoys playing competitive sports, traveling, trying new food, and catching up on comic books in his free time.