The Simple Gospel

Shawn Tucker

Shawn Tucker with his wife, Mary, Co-Lead A.LIFE, a young adult ministry established on Rutgers Campus New Brunswick. As an associate athletic director for Rutgers University he also leads the Rutgers Leadership Academy for student-athletes. 

Through programming and counseling,
Shawn helps to fortify student-athletes with valuable information and tools in life areas such as career choice, leadership, civic engagement and professional growth.

In this workshop, Shawn will share practical and inspiring advice on how to be a more effective leader in all areas of your life.*

www.wholelovejourney.com  IG @wholelovejourney

IG @wholelovejourney

Ana Esther & Michelle Ana

After already establishing their own inspiring platforms, Ana Esther & Michelle Ana joined forces to form Whole Love, a faith based community that focuses on transparency, connection, and the struggles we encounter in our every day lives. 

Whole Love is a reminder that wholeness is a journey of receiving God’s love and reflecting it on others.

In this workshop, Michelle & Ana will discuss how we can use our faith to pursue our dreams and overcome the obstacles that life gives us unexpectedly.*

www.purpose-studio.com  IG @purposestudio

IG @purposestudio

Ifeoma Ejiogu

Ifeoma Ejiogu is the founder of Purpose Studio, a fine arts studio located in Somerville NJ. She has a passion for the visual arts and teaching, as she firmly believes we were all created to create. 

Through her studio, she encourages people to dive into their own creativity and break the walls of confinement with intentionality by exploring all different forms of fine arts.

In this workshop, Ifeoma will discuss the importance of creativity in your life and will lead a DIY art project.*

*Workshops are 35 mins with limited seating. You will be able to register for (2) two of the (3) three workshops available.